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How did we get to where we are and why?

  Simon's Story

I had the privilege of having Christian parents who were faithful in teaching me the truths of the Bible. At the age of 10 the Holy Spirit used what they had been treaching me to convict me of sin and show me my need to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as my saviour.
A period of slow growth followed as I understood more of the blessing which were mine in the Lord Jesus Christ and that I should publicly profess my faith by being baptised, which happened when I was 16 years old.
My time at university was a time when my faith was severely tested by the attractions of the world. I went through a period when my life was no different from the unbelievers around me and I was only brought to my senses to see how little use for my saviour I was when I moved to Norfolk to study for a PhD.
Through the friendship and teaching from the fellowship at Great Ellingham Reformed Baptist Church the Lord brought me back to himself and showed me that he had work for me to do.
It was also at this time that he brought me my lovely wife, Tania, without whom I would be almost completely ineffective!
  Tania's Story

I also had the privilege of being brought up by Christian parents. Because of this and because I went to church, I thought I too was a Christian and would go to Heaven. Then when I was 12 I was listening to our pastor speak about Heaven and Hell and I realised that I didn't have the personal relationship with God that was needed to be accepted into Heaven. I had a deep sense of my sin and need of a Saviour and asked the Lord Jesus Christ into my heart and life. I was later baptised.
I have since been striving to live for Him in all I do and say. I have often failed Him but He is always faithful and I often cling to the promise that He will never leave me nor forsake me.
  From Norfolk to Spain

As we became more involved with the church in Gt Ellingham, we began to think that God was perhaps preparing us for some future work for him.
Simon began to study Theology part-time with the Suffolk Preacher's Seminary in Stowmarket and we began praying earnestly that God would show us the way forward.
We were both challenged individually about the needs in Spain at a missionary meeting and upon further prayer, discussion with our church and visits to Spain, our burden for the country has grown and deepened and we have seen that God has given us gifts that we wil be able to use for his glory in Spain.
We have been learning Spanish for nearly 3 years and have completed two years preparation at the church in Eastcombe, Gloucestershire. Here we had valuable experience being involved in the work of a small church, making contacts with people, having opportunities to teach and speak to various groups and dealing with various issues. We left there with good experience and haviong learned a lot about ourselves and relying on God for all things.
Now we are in Spain, learning the language and desperate to be more useful to God - although we know that all things are in his hands and his timing is best.