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Please pray for us!

We firmly believe in the power of prayer - God has commanded us to pray and promised to answer our prayers.
On this page we will post our most recent prayer letters, below are those from Feb 2005 and Sep 2004

Please call back often as we will update this page as often as we can.
Thankyou for your prayers!

February 2005

Dear Friends,


Once again this quarterly Prayer Letter has become a six-month prayer letter, my apologies for the delay but also gratitude for your continued prayers.


I feel I can sum up our recent months as busy and frustrating.

In the last prayer letter in September I said that I wanted to do more than just cover the Sunday services and midweek Bible studies and proceeded to give a list of the things I was hoping to do. Unfortunately I have been able to actually do very few of the things on the list to any great extent, but maybe that has helped me be a bit more realistic about what it is possible to get done here.


So what have we been able to do?

The preaching schedule has been busy, preaching three times most Sundays and doing two Bible studies midweek (once a month this becomes three as I go to Sabiote) I have done a series of sermons on the attributes of God to try to help our worship to become deeper and more from the heart. Then I recently started a series of sermons using the story of Pilgrims Progress as a basis to teach on progress in the Christian life, it seems to be going well and appreciated in the churches. In Bible studies we have covered the whole of the first letter to the Thessalonians, which has been very helpful in dealing with various practical areas of church life. I do these series in all the churches to try to achieve a consistency across the various groups.

What of the potential leaders in the churches? Sadly as yet I have been unable to do more with this group, as it has proved difficult to get an opportunity to get them together to discuss their needs. This time of year is difficult as the olive harvest is in full swing but I would ask you to pray that I would make the time to speak with each man about the way they see their role in the church.

What of the young people? Again I have had very little chance to spend time with them and need to find a way to schedule time together which will be profitable for them.

Evangelism? I produced a tract called “What’s different about an Evangelical?” with the subtitle: “He has peace with God and the assurance of eternal life” in which I gave a simple outline of the gospel and printed up 500 copies. These I have given to the church members in Santisteban to give to friends and contacts in order to try and start up a conversation. Once the olive harvest is finished I hope to try and go out into the town with one of the church members and try to start up conversations. I admit that I do not look forward to doing this sort of thing as I feel my language is not really good enough – but my Spanish is getting better and this is more of an excuse than a valid reason!

I really believe that there is great potential among the different church members, the frustrating thing is knowing the best way to challenge, train and encourage them to use the gifts the Lord has given them.


Tania completed her course in English Teaching and now has 10 students of various ages and abilities coming every week for lessons. She enjoys doing it although it does require a fair bit of preparation, and it is a great opportunity to get to know some of the young people and parents in the town. She continues to have opportunities from time to time to share her faith with her group of friends, who like to ask: “So what do evangelicals think about this?” Sometimes it gets right down to basics – one friend wanted to know if evangelicals believed in God!


We continue to be troubled by illness in the churches. One of the members of Santisteban, Manolo, has been suffering pains in his knee and back that have steadily got worse over the autumn. Eventually he was admitted into hospital where while lifting him onto the X-ray machine his thighbone broke. It seems he has a type of cancer, which has affected his bone marrow and has made certain points in his bones very weak. He is now in Jaén hospital receiving treatment to try to keep the illness at bay and strengthen the bones enough for him to be able to lead a more normal life. Please pray for him and his family – some of his sons and daughters are not believers.

Pray, too, for Felisa and her children, especially Daniel the oldest. He still has problems relating to the other children at school, gets into trouble for fighting and never wants to study.


On a more positive note, three couples have expressed an interest in joining the Mission, which is an encouragement. There are currently more opportunities and actual work to do than we can cover with the workers we have so obviously more workers are very necessary.


And the future? We both continue in the areas I have already mentioned – this is the long-term teaching, discipling and bridge building work that is the core of what we do. However, the summer presents opportunities for extra work – the holiday Bible clubs here in the towns will be held, God willing, in August. Also in the summer I will be helping in an evangelistic campaign organised by the Spanish FIEC in a town near Sabiote which has no gospel witness – please pray for all the preparations that need to be made for this – a group of young people from all over Spain, and overseas too, will be coming to take part in various evangelistic activities. I am looking forward to the opportunity to see how these sorts of things are done and how it all works.

As a church here in Santisteban we have begun to set aside money to do building work on our chapel. There is a great need for another room to do children’s and Young People’s work, and to use for fellowship time etc and we have the space to do it, so we have asked for some quotes from some builders in order to have a target to aim at.


Some of you may know that we have bought a house in the town here. We are still waiting for the current occupiers of the house to finish building their new house so they can move out. This seems to be taking longer than anticipated and is getting frustrating, please pray that we would have patience and wisdom to know how best to deal with the situation.


So, thank you for your faithfulness in prayer, please do continue to pray for all the different aspects of our work. Pray, too, for our children, Caleb & Rebecca, they have settled well into life in Spain, Santisteban is their home now, but pray that they would grow in their understanding of the gospel and that the Lord would open their hearts and save them.


With Love in our Lord Jesus Christ,


Simon, Tania, Caleb & Rebecca.



September 2004

Dear Praying Friends,

            We have just returned from our two and a half month furlough/deputation/home assignment so I think it is about time I sat down and wrote a prayer letter. Also I realised while we were in England that the last quarterly prayer letter that we sent out was back in January! – not good enough – I am very sorry and will try very hard not to let it happen again.


            What I want to do in this prayer letter is simply to summarise the activity of the spring, than talk a bit about the summer, and finally to share some of our hopes and plans for the coming months.



Tania finally finished her treatment in the second half of March and slowly regained her strength (and hair!) over the subsequent months. She has felt so much better over the summer that we are sure that the illness has gone – although the doctors will be doing a scan later in September and the results of that will show what the state of the disease is.

The end of the treatment meant that I could get back into the work of the churches full time, just in time for a very busy Easter period. I preached two or three times every Sunday, lead Bible studies in Santisteban and Aldeahermosa every week and began meeting with the young people in Aldea once a month. I also had the privilege of going through the course on preaching with Antonio, one of the deacons at Aldea.

The emphasis of my preaching has been the purposes of the church. What I have been trying to do is encourage all the church members to think about the aims of the church and their own role in fulfilling those aims.

We hosted a day conference organised by the Mission here in Santisteban in the middle of June dealing with the subject of church membership, which was a useful day, although quite poorly attended.


By the end of June when we drove to Santander to catch the ferry to Plymouth to start deputation we were in need of a break!



Our first experience of deputation was overall a good one.

We had a week’s holiday in Devon to unwind, two weeks renewing fellowship with our home church at Great Ellingham in Norfolk, and then later on we were able to attend the Evangelical Movement of Wales’ conference in Aberystwyth.

But, for me, the highlight was the opportunity to meet believers – some known to us before but others completely new to us – and to share with them about the work we are doing. It was a delight to visit small churches and larger ones and to experience the prayerful interest and support that there is among the believers in the UK. We visited churches in the east and south of England, we also were able to go to a youth camp organised by the Grace Baptist Mission, and of course the Pray for Spain weekend at the beginning of September – at all these places we were blessed and encouraged by the fellowship of our brothers and sisters who support us so well.

While we were in the UK, Dave and Helena Stevens came to look after the churches for July and the first week in August. They ran the Holiday Bible Clubs as always in Sabiote, Aldea and Santisteban.

There were many positive things to report, there were good numbers of children at all three places, the children listened well, some older children who have been to various Holiday Bible clubs in the past were there and also there were more helpers from the churches themselves than ever before!

During the weeks of Holiday Bible Clubs, Helena received the results of tests done previously which showed that she has malignant lumps in her breast. This has been quite a shock to all – especially considering all that has happened in the last 12 months. Dave and Helena returned to the UK straight after the Holiday Bible Clubs and are currently awaiting further tests to determine exactly what treatment she needs – please uphold them much in your prayers.


Now what?


Now we are back in Santisteban.

The children, who behaved really well the whole summer despite all the travelling and lack of routine, are back at school.

The preaching and Bible study schedule begins again.

What are our aims for this autumn?

I want to do more than just make sure that all four pulpits are full every week and that those who want a midweek Bible study are catered for.

I want to build on the foundation of the preaching of the spring and follow up the preaching on the purposes of the church with more sermons and studies on the work of the church and the responsibility of every member to take his or her part.

I want to spend time with the leaders and potential leaders in each church encouraging and equipping them in the tasks they have.

I want to continue the work with the young people – particularly the three lads from Aldea: Pedro, Cristobal and Juan de Dios – who need to be encouraged in the right direction at this critical point in their lives.

I want to begin an evangelistic initiative, to produce a leaflet explaining the gospel clearly and simply, and to distribute it in the towns with churches, but working with people from each church.

Tania is hoping to follow a course in how to teach English as a foreign language and then to take opportunities to teach English – a useful way of getting to know people in the town.

She also needs to develop the work with the children – two in Chiclana and two in Sabiote – who again need care and teaching as they grow up so quickly.

Please pray with us over these things, all of them are, of course subject to the plans and purposes of our Almighty God.

Pray that all would be protected from further illness.

Pray that we may have wisdom, enthusiasm, energy and resilience as we take up this big task.

Pray also that other workers would come to help us – there are one or two possibilities in the pipeline, which we would love to see bearing fruit.


Thank you all for your prayers,

With Love in our Lord Jesus Christ,


Simon, Tania, Caleb & Rebecca.

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